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EVERYBODY HAS A FECKING BLOG!  I too, want to start a fashion blog, and I’m seriously toying with the idea of calling it www.pleasegodnotanotherfuckingfashionblog.com.  To get a feel for what’s going on out there in this bloggy blog world I sit at my desk and sift through endless, mindless, drivvle every day.  At this point I’m pretty sure I have an MBA in how to stare vacantly into the camera as well as insanely bad photographic composition.  It’s a lot of waify, “here I am staged-posing on a Sartorialist-like street corner in something you will never be able to afford for the 456th time!”


But THEN!  I see glimmering faintly, a gem of a blog.  I am reassured once again that women HAVE evolved since the 1950’s.  Olivia Gossett, editor of I Like What You’re Wearing, is a stylist, copywriter, and photographer.  Is she a character on “Yeah Mon,” you ask?  No, she’s just part of the genus Baduss Bishis.  “I do have many slashes. I’ll start by saying I’ve done six unpaid internships in the past three years, so I’ve been able to dabble in lots of things, and pick and choose which I wanted to expand,” Gossett explains.  Way to upstage everyone Gossett.  I’m not kidding.  These are the type of women we like to exploit over here at Viereck.  Thank you for not boring the shit out of us and reaffirming my love for fashion.  Truly inspiring!  Peruse the interview!

1. Your site is ILWYW Los Angeles and Charleston, explain the Charleston connection.

I went to the College of Charleston. And, perhaps a bit more relevant, it’s where ILWYW was started. As I was in school I began my journalism career, writing for four publications at one point. After working so much for others, I wanted to start my own publication. Honing in on my fashion and photography background, I started ILWYW.

2. How do you know Caroline of ILWYW Charleston?  How and why did you partner up?

Caroline and I were roommates in college during my sophomore year. After leaving Charleston I wanted to reach out to someone I knew could handle the site, and Caroline has done wonders in Charleston, coming up with original features and staying connected with local designers. Though I’m not surprised, she has always been one to take initiative in the community, whether throwing a party to promote the college radio, or as the PR manager for a local art gallery. Plus, she has good style. I knew she was the perfect girl to ask to work on the site.

3. How did you find out about Viereck?

Managing a website that only features local designers, it wasn’t long before I came across Deborah and her line. I try to curate the site as much as possible, and make sure only talented designers get featured, so when I came across Viereck, I couldn’t wait to tell my readers about any upcoming news from the label. Honestly, I don’t remember exactly how I came across Viereck, but I’m pretty sure it was either through a local fashion event or word of mouth.

4. What are your favorite Viereck pieces and why?

I really like the two-toned greenberg dress from the Spring 2011 collection that we featured in our latest editorial. With the shoulder cutouts and clean lines, it really shows how current Deborah’s latest collections are. It’s got unusual character, being fresh with clean lines and crisp hems, but still fun and different with cut outs and asymmetrical blocking. You can have a lot of fun with all the different ways to style it.

5. What trends are you most excited about for Summer?  For Fall?

Without trying to sound cliche, I’m not one to follow trends. Luckily, my mood of style usually coincides with what’s going on in the industry anyway. With that, I’m a sucker for shorts, and now with bloomers on the rise, I’m just overwhelmed! It takes a bit more thought to style shorts than a dress or skirt, so it’s fun to wear them. I think it’s kind of funny how velvet is peeking back into the fashion world just in time for the summer months, but now it’s all about anti-rules anyway, huh? And for Fall? I’m rooting for Persian style to make way, we’ll see.

6. What trend do you love/despise?

I love individual style. Real individual style. It’s hard for me to say exactly what that is, I am just one individual after all. There’s something about it you just can’t touch. Whether it’s something you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing, or something you want to borrow, it’s just the way someone expresses who they are and how they feel. It’s interesting. I think Tavi, aka The Style Rookie is a great example of this.

Hopefully we’ll all soon be over this uniform that’s been considered as individualistic and fashionable lately, usually consisting of a brim hat, oversized shades, a maxi or some sorts, crop top, cut-offs, some form of fringe, platform lace-up shoes, and/or a whole lotta vintage. Usually found of blogs of people photographing themselves.

***Cookie quietly hides her Jeffrey Campbell platforms in shame….but then BUSTS them out again cuz they’re the ugly brown tapestry version… booyah! in your FACE GOSSETT***

7.  What do you love about blogging?  What annoys you about bloggers?

Blogging about others allows me to get to know a lot of really great and inspiring people. I love hearing their stories when we do interviews, seeing their different studios when I go to pull for our editorials, and seeing their work at shows, knowing that they’ve spent dedicated hours, days, weeks on putting it all together. It’s also rewarding to be able to help spread news of their talents.

What annoys me about bloggers? Mostly that a lot of them do the same thing, so much so, that there’s a stereotype about them. Even though there aren’t as many that do what we do, and only features photos and news about local designers/ businesses, I try to have unique features. Also, a lot of them don’t really even have a great sense of truly good style, just saying….

8. Copywriter, Stylist, Photographer…..How?  Why?  Are you crazy?

Ha!  Yeah.  My advertising internships got me into copywriting, and now I am a freelance copywriter and part time copywriter for GUESS jeans. I grew up loving puzzles and words and, ok, I’ll admit it, playing Scrabble with my Mom, and enjoying it. So when I learned there was a profession that dealt with strategic wording I jumped right on it. Photography is something that came from working at various publications, covering events and such.  I ended up really enjoying it and getting my own camera. I’m self-taught. Finally, styling… I grew up in fashion, my dad and step-mom own a clothing company in New York and I was always helping designers, with look books, and attending fashion events, so I can’t imagine a life without fashion. Plus, it’s literally in my blood.  As far back as my family tree goes on my dad’s side, we have been in fashion. Even my last name, Gossett, derives from Gorsetnick which means at some point the man of the family, Nick, worked in tailoring corsets.

9. Is ILWYW what you ultimately want to do?  Will you expand the site into something else eventually?

Great question! Yes, and Yes! I don’t want to give too much away, but Caroline and I, among some other team members on the east coast are building a proper online publication.  Don’t worry, our roots of only featuring independent and local designers will always remain.

10. Who is your favorite photographer?

Matthew Bowers. He has been the photographer for all of our Los Angeles editorials. He studied photography and art, and really has a grasp on what makes a good photograph. Composition and lighting are his strong suits, which is great for working with him because, being a photographer myself, that’s where I lack. Together, we come up with great work.  Also, he does some impressive side work, notably his series of gothic style photos he created using a 4×5 black-and-white film camera. I had the opportunity to model for a few of the pieces in the series, and I can tell you, it’s not easy working with that old technology. You can see some of the pieces on his website, www.manufacturconcept.com.

11. How does the fashion scene differ from LA to Charleston?

Oh man, where do I begin? In so many ways!   Let’s just say, I reconnected with high heels when I moved from Charleston to Los Angeles. LA is far flashier. Wearing colored tights in Charleston is a bit of a stretch, pun intended. In Charleston, you walk everywhere or ride your bike, so getting all dolled up with high heels just isn’t as practical. Also, there aren’t bouncers or potential directors to impress.

Check out the girl wonder at www.ilikewhatyourewearingla.com and Like a fashionable Los Angeles at www.facebook.com/pages/I-Like-What-Youre-Wearing

Interview by Simone Serrail


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