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“Extreme platform pumps really gets my heart racing.” Laugh out LOUUUD-DAH Ms.Stanley.  Viereck loves 3 traits in a broad – smart, funny, sexy and in exactly that order.  Meeting Erika Stanley for the first time these qualities pop out, like, IMMEDIATELY.  How can you tell she’s smart without even talking to her you ask?  Her haircut DUH!  It’s SMART.  Erika Stanley has the chic bubbliness of Edie Sedgewick without the lovable, yet ultimately sad, drug addiction.  You won’t see her nodding off in a corner!  Quite the contrary, Stanley has been featured on Access Hollywood and is currently SeenOn.com’s Style Expert.  “I always did have enough energy for 10 people and an electric personality, which made it natural and easy for me to start on-camera interviews with designers and boutiques for my SNOB Style TV video segments.  E! News then approached me to do Trend E! segments and that is how I started doing fashion and style segments for various entertainment outlets such as E! News, Access Hollywood, KTLA, Good Day LA to name a few.” SeenOn.com is a members-only private sale site that hosts 3-day flash “shopportunities” to buy Hollywood exclusives, original film wardrobe, Celebrity trends, and today’s hottest brands and designers LIKE VIERECK YAAAAAAY.  “I love the Dish dress and it was actually the style that I wore during an appearance on Access Hollywood.  I was hosting a fashion show for the original wardrobe from SeenOn The Kennedys mini-series.” Viereck appreciates the love Erika!  To show our gratitude, you have been named June V Chick of the month.  Peruuuuuse the Interview!

1. Tell me about Access Hollywood.

Access Hollywood is SO much fun!  I love to spotlight the latest trends, Celebrity Style and movie wardrobe, and I am very fortunate to be able to be the SeenOn Style Expert and host fashion/style segments for various outlets such as Access Hollywood.  Access Hollywood Live is exactly what it is…LIVE.  So I try to not psych myself out too much about being on live TV, and just have fun with it.  I make sure I take the time to research and study the trends and brands that I’m highlighting so I really know my stuff, and that’s all I can really do to prepare.

2. Where are you from?

I am actually a 2nd generation L.A. native, and I’ve never left Los Angeles.  L.A. is where my heart is, and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. For the last 5 years I have become a Venice local and there is really nothing better than living 3 blocks from the beach.  I guess you can say I’m the quintessential Cali-girl.

3. What are your favorite Viereck pieces?

You can say I’m a little OBSESSED with the dresses.  Some of my favorite styles include the Broseph with it’s long sleek style it’s that perfect weekend go-to chic dress that is still very comfortable with creative design elements and a touch of sex-appeal.  Another favorite is the Axel because it is just so gosh darn cute and flirty.

4. How did you hear about Viereck?

I found about Viereck from the Venice boutique, Monkie.  I remember looking though the racks and since I’m always looking at not only the dresses but the labels because I like to have all the brands on my radar I noticed loving so many dresses from a brand called “Viereck”, and as soon as I got home I started googling and investigating this new brand I knew nothing about…but had to know more.

5. What’s in for next season?

You know I really think this 70’s inspired look isn’t going anywhere for a minute.  I think through this Summer season the 70’s will be here to stay.  It is such a strong trend and really perfect for those ward Summer days and steamy Summer nights.

6. What’s a trend you love right now/hate right now.

The trend I cannot get enough of is the Bell-Bottom trend.  I’ve always been a fan of wide leg and high-waisted jeans, but the bell-bottoms that are out in the stores right now are just the beez kneez.  I bought a pair of Citizen of Humanities Angie jean and I’ve already gone back and bought up all the other washes they are available in because I’m addicted.  The acid wash is something I can live without…FOREVER.  I had enough of it in the 80’s and got my fix.  That is one trend that I can be happy about not returning.

7. What stores do you think should carry Viereck?

If they don’t already…I think Boca in Pacific Palisades would do very well with the label, as well as Tobi Blatt in San Diego and Polka Dots and Moonbeams right in the heart of Los Angeles (Oh goooorl we got you beat!  Viereck is carried at Polka Dots & MoonBeams right neeeeow!)

8. If Viereck were a cocktail what would it be?  If you were a cocktail, what would you be?

I think if Viereck were a cocktail it would be a Gibson Martini.  The collection is very classic in design just like a Martini, but has a little edge…just like the cocktail onions give the Martini that little “kick”.  For myself I would definitely be a cocktail with Tequila, and I think I would be a Bloody Maria.  For those who don’t know, a Bloody Maria is a Bloody Mary but with Tequila.  They are a bit spicy, have a lot of flavor and are the cure-all for a long night of parting.  I’m a VERY early riser just like the Bloody Maria is the perfect morning miracle.

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Interview by Simone Serrail


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