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When Kristen Conahan of StyleWaxPoetic told me her blog came about after losing her job at a NYC PR firm I wanted to give her a shot of whiskey, a high five, and bro out with her in a dive bar on Cahuenga and Hollywood.  Lets talk about life and how you think it sucks and then it turns to magic.  I can TOTALLY relate.  New York PR firm??  How the feck is this chick so sweet and down to earth?  She should be splashing a cappuccino in my face right?  Wrong.  Hailing from San Diego, Conahan currently learns us some style in Los Feliz after the 4 year stint in NYC.  Her time there seems a departure from her friendly countenance and the light, fresh style of her blog, but it did affect her personal style.  “It is usually hippiechic and sometimes romantic paired with and edge.  I love the relaxed look of the hippie days, but I always try to incorporate some glamour with it so it’s not too granola,” explains Kristen. Modeling the content on her site more after a magazine than an actual blog, Kristen has some stringent opinions on what makes a good blog.   “SPELL CHECK is a must.  A good blog should offer original content and well constructed posts.  Some of the amateur bloggers quickly put up a post and don’t really take the time too construct it. I think of Style Wax Poetic as a perfect juxtaposition between a magazine and personal blog. I offer online shopping and trend reports, but also add a personal tone with outfit posts…AND I use spell check!”  As 6th grade spelling bee champ of Garretson Elementary, I give you another high five on that one.  Peruse the interview!

1. Is that you in the picture covered in newspaper on your website?

I wish! That shoot looks like it would have been so fun – wrapped in words, beautiful hair and makeup, ah!  It’s a photo I saw that instantly spoke to me and parallels perfectly the name of my blog, Style Wax Poetic.

2. What makes a great collection?

A great collection tells a story in its entirety. Just like an outfit either goes together or it doesn’t, all the pieces in a collection should tell the same story – colors, prints, and shapes, fabrics.  A collection that is well built should be able to be described in just a few words. You should gather the inspiration by looking at everything together, not just one look.


3. What is a trend you love right now/hate right now?


Boho, white lace, pallazo pants all run under boho glam and channeling the 70s in all it’s amaze-ness. I absolutely adore it! The trend I’m not loving is the old 80s neons and gothics.  The neon thing was fun for a bit but really needs to be done in a classy way and most of the time it just didn’t work. The gothic trend I’m over as well – ripped tights, torn up everything – I think women need to embrace their femininity again and it’s just way over done it’s not interesting to me anymore.


4. Who is your favorite photographer?


Alex Prager has some unique work that I really like. She has a very distinct style that I really find interesting and beautiful.  Juergen Teller is also fascinating in the fact that he gives a straight male perspective in the world of high fashion.  His work is raw and tangible – there is a realness quality to it all.


5.  Tell me about “Music Mondays”


Music Mondays was just an idea I had because I’m pretty obsessed with new artists and music and always have been. Any video, shoot, runway show, film, etc needs music to survive and it helps tells the story – to me they are all related.


6. What is your most prized style possession?


Right now it’s my Aldo Boot that I paid $75 dollars for. They were purchased 4 years ago, resoled once, and I still get compliments on them everyday. They are a brownish, red scrunched knee high boot with a wedge heel – I wear them almost everyday because they are so darn comfortable and CUTE!


7.What’s your favorite Viereck piece?

I like the Snoden, Scotch, and the Axel is my favorite! I love the use of polka dots for summer.


8. Where are your favorite places to shop?


Asos.com – they are super reasonable and tormentingly cute!  They have options for every trend of the moment.  Intermix NYC because they are very selective and have pieces that no one else carries, and good ol’ H & M.  They are really starting to get things right these days, it’s amazing!  Also the Good Will in ___ _____ (name withheld by the author to protect integrity of fabulous thrifting spot.  Nah ah – you’re gonna have to stumble upon it just like all of us seasoned thrifters had to do) is pretty amazing – can’t beat an $8 dollar top.


9. Does the music you’re listening to at the moment inspire what you’re going to wear and/or your general wardrobe?


Music is definitely an inspiration as it usually affects ones mood. I think mood has everything to do with what a person drapes themselves with.


10. Do you have any notable upcoming events?


Yes! Style Wax Poetic is hosting its first event at The Doves Studio on June 13th. It’s basically a party to kick off Summer – I can’t wait! The salon is gorgeous, the staff is super amazing, and we’ll have everything you need to get summer ready: free blowouts, makeup application, summer jewelry, an amazing sunglass line called Raen Optics, a DJ, photographer, and food by La Grande Orange. It’s going to be AMAZE. It’s for media, bloggers and fashion related VIPs on a case by case basis due to availability.

*I’m not saying if you’re from NYC you’re an asshole – just look at me! er…uhh…wait

Check out Style Wax Poetic at www.stylewaxpoetic.com and LUUURVE her facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Style-Wax-Poetic

Interview by Simone Serrail


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