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I met Evalotta Danforth in January of 2009.  I was a penniless soul trolling 3rd street for a boutique job.  Freshly transplanted from San Francisco and intimidated by  the unsmiling bobble heads manning the little boutiques on that particular stretch, I was seriously contemplating whether or not my outfit was cray.  Enthusiasm quickly fading, I trudged past ­­­Joan’s on Third wishing I could order one of their $34 cups of coffee.  Suddenly, this cute little Swedish chick popped out in front of me and asked, “May I take a picture of you?”  I looked at her sideways.  I was getting really tired of being mistaken for the Tia & Tamara.  They’re ugly and they’re lame and just because I’m mixed with curly hair….  “I love your outfit, may I take a picture?” she asked again, cutting into the angry rant inside my head.  Word of advice people – a way to a women’s heart is through overt flattery of her outfit. From that day on, Histyley has held a special place in my heart.  Ego boosting aside, Viereck loves Histyley because of her fascination and celebration of individual style in Los Angeles.  Featured in reputable publications such as Glamour Germany, Glamour Australia, and NY Magazine, Evalotta could have chosen to focus on the more highly publicized fashion centers of the world, but she saw the significance of the LA street scene.  “I started my blog back in 07 – I had been reading other street style blogs and was curious to try one in LA,” she explains.  Why wouldn’t LA be covered when the content is so vast?  I will be the first to admit, before I moved here I thought of LA as one huge strip mall devoid of personality.  The structure of the blog is brilliant in that it highlights the immensity of Los Angeles.  Broken up into each section of the city, Histyley showcases the defining flavor of each area and, more importantly, that Los Angeles does have community.  Histyley is like a fashion anthropologist documenting the style tribes of Los Angeles.  Peruse the interview!


1. How long have you lived in LA?

I moved to LA from Sweden in ‘96.


2.How/why did you start your blog?

I had taken a break from photography, had a toddler and was pregnant with the second, so the “three” of us were walking the streets of LA looking for stylish people.


3. What is your favorite area of Los Angeles  – not having to do with style?

The beach!


4. What is your favorite area of the city for style?  Where do you consistently find the most fashionable people?

Depends on the season, but a lot of times Silverlake and Los Feliz.


5. Has anyone ever been rude to you when you ask to take his or her picture?  Any weird stories?

No, I’ve been lucky.  People are pretty friendly.  Some people look confused when I have my kids with me, and I tell them that they look great and that I want to take their picture.


6. What is a Tittyboo?

A wild young woman.  I had a jewelry line a couple of years ago and I called it Tittyboo and when I Started HiStyley I used it instead of my real name. I realized pretty quickly that people thought it was a different kind of site with a name like that…


7. What is a trend you love right now?  Hate right now?

I love the bright colors and the eclectic prints. I can’t say I totally hate, but I don’t care much for the JC Lana boots. They were fun at first but now they are annoying.


8. Tell me what a typical day is like for you…

The kids usually wake us up by 7.  We drop one off at school while the little one and I hang out for the day, doing mom and kid stuff, scouting for some stylish Angelinos, hoping for a nap so I can get some work/blogging done.  When bedtime comes for the kids that’s when my work starts.  Sometimes I go to some events, edit photos, photoshop photos, read blogs, and go to bed at 2 am.


9. Do you have plans to expand outside of LA – I see that you have Sweden listed on the site, but what about other major US cities or international cities?

No I don’t have any plans, but I’ll bring my camera when I travel so who knows what the next place will be!


10. What is your favorite Viereck piece?

The silk Hot Sakes.


11. What is your favorite item of clothing?

Right now it’s Jumpsuits. Love them, perfect for hot LA days.


12. Who is your favorite blogger?

13. What do you love about blogging?  What annoys you about bloggers?

I love to share with the rest of the world the cool and stylish people we have in LA.  I also love all the amazing people I meet thru blogging. If some bloggers annoy me, well then I don’t read it!


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Interview by Simone Gray


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