September V Stockist - Tribeca, Chicago

It’s always a good sign when, every time you see certain buyers, they’re dressed in Viereck.  I am fairly certain that Kim Hiley, owner of Tribeca in Chicago, IL owns every color of the Ortega.  “I LOVE the Ortega.  You can wear it in nearly any season, you can put a tee under it, wear it with leggings – it fits everyone!” Kim exclaims.  One of Viereck’s premiere customers from the very beginning of time, Kim follows certain principles in her clothing selection for Tribeca – the pieces must layer well and maintain it’s wear-ability throughout the seasons.  “You look so much more pulled together when you layer,” she insists.  “My customer does not buy basics from me , she wants to look different.  She doesn’t even really care what the trends are, as long as she looks cute.” Unfortunately, I have never had the pleasure of shopping at Tribeca but her Yelp reviews all but scream (very lady-like that is) Tribeca is not a store, it’s an experience.  I think I came across the word “amazing” about 46 times.  If I’ve seen the Ortega transformed into something different each time I’ve run into Kim, I can only imagine the service and advice she gives to the ladies of West Loop on the items they buy.  We love that Tribeca gives new life to styles we already thought we’re marvelous.  Viereck thanks Tribeca for her innovation and support!  Peruse the Interview!

1.  What is Tribeca’s style aesthetic?

I go for a little “urban chic.”  Clothes you would wear out to dinner or to an event; an engagement party, rehearsal dinner, wedding.  Nothing that is too dressy though.  I also go for “novel and colors.

2.  I see that you have style tips located on your site – what are some other style tips you can give to our fashionable followers?

Wear what YOU like. Do not worry about the trends.  Accessories.  Have a good brown and black belt and brown and black cardigan – you can make SO many outfits with just those items.

3. What trends did you see for Spring 2012 at the Vegas shows?

I was still buying fall at magic.

4.  How do your customers react to Viereck?

My customers like it because it fits well and the colors are deep, jewel tones.  My customer really goes for color.

5. Why is your store called Tribeca?

I thought the name rolled off the tongue and people would associate it with NYC, thus with fashion.

6. What trend do you love right now? Hate right now?

I love maxi skirts and the color cinnamon.  I hate Navajo prints – who likes that?

(“Hipsters,” Simone whispers)

7. What is the Tribeca customer like?

Late 20s to 40s, urban, goes out, wants to look good, doesn’t care about trends.

8. Do you have any upcoming events or sales in the store?

I’m having a back to school party and giving away a Kindle.  Everyone gets a Tribeca coffee mug as well.  I have one party a season and give away something cool.  I’ve had a beach party and gave away an airline ticket and beach hats…

Like the Ortega and bagajillion other Viereck styles Tribeca has on facebook at

Interview by Simone Gray


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