November V Stockist - Jaffi's

No mean girls here – Owner, Emilie, at far right

I met Emilie, owner of the fabulous Neptune Beach store Jaffi’s, in 2009 when she walked into the showroom I was working for at the time.  Sensing refinement and class, I quickly ushered her past the cheesy collection of Frankie B jeans sullying the front window.  “Don’t look to your right, Emilie, that denim isn’t for you!….Don’t…DO IT” I steered her toward Viereck’s section and there, the love affair with Viereck was born.  Emilie is as easy going as the history of the store’s name.  She bought Jaffi’s 10 years ago from two friends, Jill and Taffi, when the store was 1 year old.  “The name Jaffi’s really doesn’t mean anything,” concludes Emilie, “it’s just their names put together.  I always meant to change the name but never got around to it!  Oh well, too late now.” This relaxed attitude is exactly what makes Jaffi’s a gem in Neptune Beach’s laid back community.  As one Yelper put it, “The store, while being pretty high end, still has the light and easy attitude that you would expect to find at the beach, which makes for a pleasant shopping experience.” In other words, Jaffi’s thankfully caters to those looking for something a little more special than Havaianas and jean shorts.  Jaffi’s keeps Neptune Beach bums looking chic and stylish in Viereck year round!  Peruse the interview….

1.Tell me about Neptune Beach and why you decided to open a store in this area?

I LOVE the Neptune Beach area and live right down the street.  I decided to open stores in the area to bring a little “hip-ness” to our beachy community.
2. Do you have a certain article of clothing that you wear consistenly or can’t imagine living without?

My favorite pair of petite bootcut jeans by AG.  I wear them all of the time and can dress them up or down with a great top and sassy shoes for any occasion.



3. What do customers like about your store?

We offer a hand-selected collection of  the best each season has to offer in fashion and accessories from the hottest designers and are extremely helpful to our customers without being pushy.  We are also warm and welcoming and nice to everyone!
I owned the children’s boutique (KYDS) next door to Jaffi’s before deciding to get into the women’s business and was surprised at how intimidating boutiques can be to folks who don’t typically shop in them.  I was also shocked at how petty and catty some boutique girls could be (to each other and even to customers).  We don’t hire those girls, and go out of our way to treat everyone with respect and provide world class service at all times.

4. What are your favorite Viereck pieces and why?

We LOVE Viereck and are never disappointed with the collection season after season.  Our favorite pieces this season are the Cayenne, the Socia, and the Hot Sake – as always!

5. What is the Jaffi’s woman like?

She’s fun, all ages, and likes to look fabulous without trying too hard.  She’s always put together in a laid back, “hip, beachy casual” kind of way.


6. What is Jaffi’s style aesthetic?  What do you look for when buying for your store?

The Jaffi’s “look” embodies a clean, simple, and effortless style, yet is comfortable and wearable. Each piece can always work in tandem with another or add spice to an ever-building wardrobe.  Fun and fearless with style best describes the aesthetic of this store and the Jaffi’s shopper.  We look for pieces that our customers will always reach for when they are getting dressed.  Our favorite things become their favorite things…

7. What trends do you love/hate?

Love the slouchy off the shoulder top styles out now…Hate the weird super high-low skirts and dresses that are out now and moving forward into spring.
8. What do your customers like about Viereck?

The fit and fabric are amazing and styles are always hip, fun, comfortable and flattering.  You can always count on Viereck for classic pieces with just the enough “edge” to be current and sexy in a good way.

9. How did you get your start in fashion?

I started sewing when I was 7 and both sets of grandparents were involved in the Fashion world.  My father’s parents were dress makers in New York back in the day and my mother’s parents owned and operated a retail “department” store in Tennessee that was in our family for over 100 years.  I quit my job at Merrill Lynch 10 years ago when I decided to open my own store.

10. What do you see trending for Fall?

Fall seems like and “anything goes” season this year – which is good – because that way we will always have something great to flatter every body type.


11. Who are your style icons?

Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Madonna in the 80’s (when she pushed the style envelope without being raunchy).

12. Do you have a certain article of clothing that you wear consistently or can’t imagine living without?

My favorite pair of petite bootcut jeans by AG.  I wear them all the time and can dress them up or down with a great top and sassy shoes for any occasion.

13. What style are you ordering from Viereck next?

We’ll probably be reordering the Cayenne dress very soon!!!

14. Do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear?

Yes – all the time.  That means it’s time to clean out my closet and get something new 🙂

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Interview by Simone Gray



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