December V Stockist - L.Bartlett

When I think of Dallas I think of big hair, glitzy glimmering dresses, wealth, intrigue……..scheming oil barons named J.R.?  Alas, times have changed; hairstyles have come down a foot or two and West Village in Dallas, TX is holding it down as the fashion mecca for the Lone Star state. “West Village is a fun hip part of Uptown Dallas. It was built about 10 years ago and quickly became the “downtown” of uptown,” explains Laura, owner of  L.bartlett, “Dallas and LA are very similar when it comes to fashion. We love color, edgy trends, and celebrity driven lines.” L.bartlett does resemble a store in the Pacific Palisades or Santa Monica; swanky design, contemporary lines, hot sales ladies (hate the word girl)….there’s even a teensy little dachshund named Chloe that mans the store.   Nevertheless, L.Bartlett will never be like a high-end Los Angeles store.  Why, you ask?  Because Laura is NICE and has MANNERS.  Thank you for being fabulous L.bartlett!  Peruse the interview!
1. What do customers like about your store? I think they like coming in and seeing the same faces every time – Treena, Ashley and myself. I think they appreciate the low-key nature of our sales approach and that we constantly are getting new merchandise!
2. What is the L.Bartlett woman like? She is a lot of things! Both younger and older – anywhere from college aged to ladies in their 50’s and 60’s. The main similarity is their interest in trends and fashion and their willingness to try new things and be a bit edgy.
3. What is your/L.Bartlett’s style aesthetic?  What do you look for when buying for your store? We look for things that will be both flattering on our customers and be on target with where the trends are. We tend to have an LA feel to our style – not too serious. We love strong colors, interesting prints, silhouettes with cut outs, short hemlines and/or sexy neck lines. We also like easy-to-wear oversized tops, and sweaters. We understand that different silhouettes work for different girls and try to have a good selection for all types.
4. What is your favorite Viereck piece and why? We love the Hot Sake! This is one of the few dresses we have been able to put on all bodies. It is the perfect balance of casual/dressy, sexy/simple, and feminine/edgy. We love the beautiful palette of colors it was offered in, especially the cobalt blue and the atomic violet. Those are colors that brighten and flatter everyone.
5. What do your customers like about Viereck?  We love the fun easy silhouettes and the approachability of the line both in look and price. Since we have a wide range of customers, we especially love Viereck since it attracts just about everybody.
6. How do you compare Dallas to LA? The main differences would be that Dallas girls enjoy dressing up a bit more (high heels all the time at night!) and we are more concerned with things being sexy and flattering, whereas the LA girl might pick the funky trend over what is sexier.
7. How did you get your start in fashion? My mother and my grandmother are both shop owners, I knew nothing else!
8. What trends do you love and hate? I love color blocking fun colored denim with a brightly colored top. I’m especially drawn to warm colors color blocked – reds and hot pinks, etc. I personally do not like the menswear influence on fashion this fall. I think it works for other women and can be really fun and funky, but not on me!
9. What do you see trending for fall? More color than ever before. I love it personally and I love it for the store because it is always easier to sell color!
10. Tell me about Chloe. Chloe is my beloved long hair, blond, miniature dachshund. She is 6 pounds of mischievous entertainment! It is fun having her in the store; she makes the atmosphere more laid back and keeps us on our toes! (Especially when she terrorizes the neighborhood Great Dane who she does not like!!)
11. Tell me about Margaritas, Chips & Salsa on Saturdays.   During the warmer months of the year we offer free margaritas on Saturdays. Treena’s family owns Mariano’s, a famous Dallas Mexican restaurant, so we get a good deal on the mix!  Also her husband’s uncle, Mario Martinez, invented the frozen margarita machine, so we are very proud!
12. What style are you ordering from Viereck next? Always Hot Sake! But we are trying several new silhouettes for spring that we are excited to offer our customers!
13. What’s the best thing about your job? I love working for myself. It can be a lot of stress at times, but it is always worth it. I also adore the people I work with. They make every day special, and I am ever grateful for their commitment to my dream.
14. Do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear? Every day!!  I don’t think there is a true shopper out there who would say any different.
15. Who are your style icons? I’ve always been drawn to Sarah Jessica Parker’s cool, yet feminine style. She is always spot on! I also think Rachael Bilson has such a great eye for the young LA look. I’ve copied a few of her ideas.

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Interview by Simone Gray


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